Comman Sense on Equality

Testimony of Truth- Published July 2018

A statement from “Gay marriage is protected by the U.S. Constitution’s commitment to liberty and equality”.  

Christians have found that the greatest liberty a man or woman can know is the freedom a sinner finds when he is born again.  He then realizes how greatly enslaved he was.  But to maintain that liberty, he must walk in obedience to God’s law.  

Freedom is found in obedience to God’s law and likewise freedom in America is by obeying the laws of the land.  A man has the freedom to drive anywhere in this country as long as he obtains a driver’s license, obeys all traffic laws, doesn’t steal gasoline for trip, etc.  His obedience gives him great freedom.  If he begins to break our traffic laws, he can easily lose his liberty and find himself unable to legally drive.

If equality is a right without responsibility or obligation upon the individual, all laws then can be obliterated and abolished for equality then means I should have the same wealth as others, the same income, the same size home, a new car every year, whether I work for it or not.

If this is what equality means, then men should have the freedom to steal if they need to in order to be “equal” to the more prosperous.  The poor should have the liberty to burn down a wealthy man’s business so they will equally poor.  

Equality in America’s constitution means that every citizen has the same opportunities to pursue whatever they desire in life.

Equality carries the connotation that everything should be fair.  That might be in a perfect world but we don’t live in a perfect world, rather we live in a very imperfect one.  

Life is not fair.  

Some people are born in a prosperous nation while others are destined to live in tremendous poverty. 


Some are born with an extremely high IQ while others have mental disabilities.  

Some are athletic, while others struggle to walk a straight line.  

Some are born in free countries and others face a life of tyranny from ruling tyrants. 


Life is not intended to be fair; rather life is intended to give every man an opportunity to find salvation in Jesus Christ and to find peace in his heart by the Holy Spirit. 

God will have souls from every nation, tribe and race who will find that it was not fair that Jesus should bear their sins, but they will be grateful that He did.  

God will have a people who have not followed the evil mindset of the world but will have heard God’s divine command to “come out of her” (the worldly systems built by men of corrupt minds) “my people that ye be not partakers of her sins and that ye receive not of her plagues”.


These will truly have found liberty and equality for all for it is found in Jesus Christ.

Alfred King