~ Sometimes a friend can get you into trouble ~


A little fly's good intentions almost cost him more than he bargained for!........

Once there was a fly whose name was Green Wings. His mother called him G.W. for short. He loved to go outside and fly around as his mother watched him.

His mother would often caution him not to go outside whenever she was not at home. 

One day she was preparing to go hunting for food and she told G.W. to stay inside until she returned home again.

But all too soon G.W. became very bored staying inside so long and said,

---I will go out for a little while. He was doing Loop d' loops when he

suddenly heard a small voice crying for help. He looked down and saw a small creature in a deep hole.

---I am too little to help you Mr. Creature, said G.W. Then he heard a slow sounding voice reply,-

--Draw me over a piece of straw and drop it into the hole and I'll climb out, spoke the creature.

When the creature got out he said,

---Hey thanks, you saved my life. What's your name?

---My name is G.W., that's short for Green Wings....see?  G.W. proudly showed his beautiful transparent green wings.

---What is your name creature?

---My name is Little Long Legs, but you can just call me Little Legs. Little Legs lifted his two front legs high.

---Tell ya what, motioning with his legs, you come on over to my house cause my mother will want to meet you and thank you too.
---Oh no, said G.W., my mother told me not to come outside today and I must get home right away. But thanks anyway....see ya.

G.W. had barely gotten home when his mother arrived. When she asked if he had

gone outside at all he quickly replied,

---Yes, I did and it's a good thing that I did too because I saved a creature’s life!

But he could tell that what he thought was a good idea was not pleasing to his mother.

---It is never a good thing when you disobey me. What kind of creature are you talking about anyway?

G.W. was excited!

---His name is Little Long Legs. I get to call him Little Legs though because he is now my friend.

His mother was curious.

---What did this creature look like otherwise?

Little G.W. wrinkled up his brow in thought.

---Well, he has no wings and his eyes are very tiny and he has long legs with little hairs all over them.

---Sounds to me like a spider, she said nervously. She bit her lip and pressed on.

---You mentioned legs. Did he have eight of them?

---He sure did mother, and he wanted me to go to his house to meet his mother so that...

---What! His mother suddenly became frantic. She grabbed him by the shoulders and said,

---Don't ever go there again G.W., spiders eat flies and you could have been eaten had you gone with him!

---Oh mother, I don't want to be eaten by a spider or any other creature. I'll never do it again. Tears ran down G.W.'s sad, little face.

All went well until the next time his mother went hunting for food. She, specifically, told G.W. not to go out the door while she was gone and he promised not to. After playing for a while he went to a crack in the wall and went outside, saying to himself,

---I'm not doing anything wrong. Mother told me not to go out the door, and I didn't -- I went out the wall, so I'm not being disobedient.

It was a wonderful day and he wanted to play. Since Loop d' loop was his favorite game, G.W. decided to play that. After a short while he heard a familiar voice calling to him. He took a deep breath and flew over to where he landed on a piece of tall grass.

---What'cha doin' G.W.? Ask Little Legs.

--Oh just playing, he replied.

---Well, my mother would still love to meet the one who saved her son's life.  Come on over. Little G.W. gulped.

---Don't think so Little Legs. You see, my mother told me you are a spider and that you eat flies and you've probably noticed that I am a I think I'll just go home now.

---I know that you are a fly, but I would never eat you, you saved my life. You can come over and just see where I live if you like. I must go in now; mother is waiting.

With that Little Legs went into a small hole and disappeared.

G.W. was so curious. He wanted badly to see what his friend's

home looked like so he flew over and tried to look into the hole. He couldn't see anything, just a dark hole. It was scary, but he still wanted to go in --- so he did.

Once he entered the hole a trap door snapped shut knocking G.W. down the long tunnel. He cried out for help,

---Little Legs, I can't see, where are you?

---I'm over here G.W., follow the lights.  G.W. could see some tiny lights in the distance. He soon bumped right into Little Legs.

---Thank goodness for those lights. By the way just what are those tiny green lights?

---Those are my mother's eyes, replied Little Legs. And she is coming over to meet you.  The tiny green lights started getting closer and G.W. wished with all his heart that he were home where he belonged.

---What do you mean meet him, her voice sounding scratchy, why I am coming over to eat him. It’s about time you brought some food home!

---But mother, Little Legs protested, you can't eat him he saved my life, remember?

---Well now he will save mine. I am very hungry. As she drew closer Little G.W. had a thought.

---May I pray first before you eat me? G.W. asked.

---Of course you may, Mother Legs moaned out. You can pray all you want but it won't do you any good. You will still be what's for dinner tonight.

G.W. bowed his head and began,

"Dear God, please forgive me for disobeying my mother. If you will get me out of here I promise to never disobey again."

Even though G.W. was praying Mother Legs was still drawing nearer. She was almost there when she felt the ground beneath her begin to shake.

---What is going on? She demanded.

All of a sudden G.W. found himself in the sunlight sitting on top of a pile of dirt. He heard human voices. There were two little boys and they were talking about hunting for fish bait. They could not understand how they could be looking for bait and dig up two spiders and a fly. One said,

--How did those spiders and that fly get underground? Shrugging his shoulders the other said,

---How should I know?

As G.W. quickly flew home, he knew how he got down there and he knew who got him out. He also knew he intended to keep his promise to his mother and to God from now on.

When he got home he told his mother what had happened. She said,

---G.W., I love you very much and I hope that you will keep your word this time. I can not help you if I do not know where you are,  or if you are too far away for me to hear you when you call.

She sighed and hugged him close.

---I sure am glad you remembered to pray!

Now let us turn from G.W. and talk about you. Remember that  God loves you very much and it is his desire that you call out to him should you find yourself in a hole too deep to get out of on your own. And that you remember to pray when things get hard.

Never stop believing that he is your best friend. He is always there for you.


Elder Carl Stewart
House of Prayer Sabbath Ministries
Written: March 2000
Copyright: 2001 ©
Published: 2001