Our ministry is part of a non-profit group of Independent Full Gospel Sabbath Believers who have the testimony of Jesus Christ and observe the Commandments of God as they were written in Holiness.

We are a smaller extension of a larger group of Sabbath keepers. 


We believe in the study of subjects: using two or three witnesses to prove doctrine.

Derwood's Father, the late Carl Stewart, established our group in the early 1960's and we have continued the work, being in the ministry now for over 38 years.

Both of us received our ordination, in 1987, by the Full Gospel Church of God 7th Day of Salem, Oregon.

Derwood is a former Chaplin for the American Legion.

We have been Pastors and Co/Pastors, Song leaders, Youth & Camp Counselors and Class leaders.

We have ministered in nursing homes, jails, hospitals, and churches across the United States.

We have been asked to sing at weddings, funerals, Church Conferences, Revival meetings and at Youth Camps. 

We have led Passover/Lord's Supper services, performed weddings, officiated at funerals and held Baptismal services (both in churches and in some very cold rivers!).

We are currently involved with several local Sabbath churches as well as continuing our evangelistic work. Every year we attend Sabbath Fellowship meetings held in Arkansas, Tennessee and Indiana.  

We have a small room in our home that we have dedicated as a "Chapel" where we hold studies/prayer & worship time/meetings and play music.

On a personal note ~ Derwood is a college graduate from LCC in Eugene, Oregon with a Associates of Humanities Degree.  He has worked in the Criminal Justice System and is currently a substitute school teacher.

He loves fishing, music, traveling and meeting new people.

Lynne also attended LCC, graduating with 2 diplomas, both related to the medical field.  She loves photography, writing, sewing, crafting and painting.

We have been married for 44 years, have 4 beautiful grand-daughters and enjoy living in a small, rural town.

Together we have witnessed great things in God's service, seen miracles in the lives of others, as well as in our own lives. But in all of  our travels/experiences, we are continuing to see how people are seeking and searching for something permanent, lasting and enduring.

We see how the emptiness of the soul is now the greatest human emotion that desires to be filled and most find that the ways of the  world cannot provide the lasting peace they so desire.

We are here to declare that there is Hope in God!  His peace and presence is everlasting and His Word is forever settled in Heaven. He has said, in His Word, that He will never turn away those that call upon Him!

He desires each of us to experience a life worth living!

So, whether you are seeking to find your place in the family of God, a higher place in God's service, reach a deeper place in your daily  walk, to study harder, are home-bound or just choose to worship the Lord in the privacy of your own home, we are here to help.

Our prayer is that you will be renewed and refreshed by all this site has to offer. 


We welcome you....