~ This is a fascinating story about a dirt dauber & a thieving little bee! ~


The Dauber Robber is a small Bee that goes into the unsealed holes of a Dirt Dauber's nest. We call him a Robber Bee.

When the Dirt Dauber is not home, this little Robber Bee squeezes itself into the unsealed holes of the Dauber's nest; and I suppose it eats whatever the Dauber has deposited there. This is what this story is all about.

If you listen closely, you may learn that there are times when you have been misled by the Robber Bee's tactics.

Mother Dauber was on her way home when she heard someone calling her. Once stopped, she saw a Robber Bee tangled in a spider's web. The spider was not present at the time.

The Robber Bee was crying for the Mother Dauber to help him out of the web....

---Why should I help you out? She huffed. You're always robbing my nest; it will be to my advantage to let the spider eat you! After which I can catch the spider for my young.

---You don't understand, said the Robber Bee. If you help me out of this web I will tell all my kinfolk not to bother your home anymore. He gulped hard. I will tell them how kind you are and that we will get our food elsewhere from now on. I promise!

Well, Mother Dauber was thinking, and the Robber Bee was sweating something awful: he was sure that old spider was somewhere close by.

Mother Dauber cleared her throat.

---Can I depend on you to keep your promise?

---Surely, said the Robber Bee with pleading eyes. Have I ever lied to you before?

---Well, replied Mother Dauber, I have never talked to you before, but if you will keep your promise I will help you out.

---It's a deal, he squeaked. So she pulled a small branch over to the spider's web and the Robber Bee caught hold of it and tugged hard until he pulled himself out of the web.

Once freed, the Robber Bee dusted himself off and combed back his hair and simply said,

---Well, gotta go---so long. And with that he was gone.

Mother Dauber was left standing all alone and stunned.

---He didn't even say thank you! She grumbled. Well, that's gratitude for you.

Later that day when the Mother Dauber came back to her nest the Robber Bee was in one of the cells of her nest! She was furious.

---You told me that you would not do this again! She shouted. Mother Dauber was very disappointed and mumbled sadly; you broke your promise.

---Not really, said the Robber Bee. When I made that promise I had my toes crossed, and besides it is my nature to rob. If you were so smart you would know that.

---Well, we Daubers always keep our word and those of us who don't keep their word get into trouble sooner or later, said Mother Dauber.

---Okay, but us Robber Bees are not like that and because of your stupidity I am doing quite well at the present time. The old Robber Bee puffed out his chest with pride.

Mother Dauber's eyes became round as saucers. She said,

---Maybe not as well as you think. It looks to me as if two of your feet are fixin' to get kinda tied up.

Mother Dauber had kept the Robber Bee so busy talking that he had not noticed the spider throwing loops of web around his feet! When the Robber Bee looked down at his feet he was looking right into the eyes of a large spider: all eight eyes that is! He was so frightened that he couldn't do anything for a moment. Then all he could do was shake.

The spider threw a piece of web around one of the Robber Bee's wings. He tried desperately to break loose but couldn't.

The Robber Bee began to call out to Mother Dauber,

---Please, get me out of here! You can eat the spider and have a good meal; or carry him home to your little Daubers. And look, this time my toes are not crossed...see? Oh please, I swear that I will never bother you again, I promise and guarantee it too!

But much to the surprise of the Robber Bee - Mother Dauber just turned around and left! He was frantic. He was trying to figure out where she had gone.

But soon she was back. The Robber Bee was so glad to see her, but a bit frustrated too. He questioned her roughly.

---Why did you leave me, where did you go? Hey, who are they?

Mother Dauber placed her hand on a little Dauber's head.

---I have brought my little ones back with me to teach them not to trust their enemies. I have to go now, I will leave one of them here to see if he can learn something out of this; perhaps you can get him to pull you free. Which one do you want?

---This is crazy, screamed the Robber Bee. I am about to be eaten by an eight-eyed monster and you want me to play multiple choice?

The Robber Bee had noticed that most of the little Daubers where yelling,

---Eat him, Mr. Spider, eat him!

But one little Dauber, way in the back, never said a word. The Robber Bee decided this one should be the easiest to convince to set him free.

---I'll choose that one: the quiet one in the back there.

---I think that you just made a very bad choice, said Mother Dauber, as she and most of her little daubers flew away. The Robber Bee noticed that three little Daubers had stayed behind.

Two of the little Daubers turned their little heads to look at the Robber Bee's choice.

---That's Joe, said one of them. Are you sure you want him Mr. Robber?

---Yes, yes. Now you two wing-off, I need to speak to Joe alone.

---Well, what are you two waiting on? Go on now, I want to speak to Joe alone.

---Well, good luck Mr. Robber, enemy Sir.  Joe can't hear and he doesn't talk either.

---What! Your mother left me with a dumb and deaf little Dauber to help me? That's not fair!

---Remember, he was your choice, spoke the little Dauber as he shook his head. He continued. And do you think that the big old spider found you by accident? Our mother and the spider joined together in this. You have made two bad choices today, but I also think this will also be your last bad choice.

The two little Daubers thought for a moment, rubbing their little chins’ with their fingers.

---Well, if we let the spider eat you first then we will have an even better lunch, but we really must go now – I hear mother calling us to come home. Maybe you can talk the spider out of having you for lunch. See you later. Oh, and thanks for the object lesson. Come on Joe.

After they left the Robber Bee said to the spider,

---I know that you can eat me, but I have a deal for you. You let me go and I will get all my friends to help me get rid of all the Daubers around here and you and yours will be safe from them. What do you say?

---I never talk business before eating, said the spider. The Robber Bee felt dizzy headed.

---However, continued the spider, if you feel like talking after lunch I will be glad to discuss your dilemma with you.

I wonder what the spider had in mind for lunch....Don't you?

Well, what do you think kids? Do you think that being dishonest, like the Robber Bee, is a good idea?

Me neither. God wants us to be honest about everything. His is honest and he listens for the truth from all of us, every day.


Elder Carl Stewart
House of Prayer Sabbath Ministries
Written: September 1997
Copyright: 2001 ©
Published: 2001