Our Schedule June 2018

Arkansas Sabbath Fellowship

21941 Interstate 30 S. Ste 10

Bryant, AR 72022

Service Time: 10am


Sermon: Angels


Sermon: Believe


House of Bethesda

6900 Pecan Ave.

Little Rock, AR 72206

Service Time: 10am


Sermon: Unjust


God Cares, We Care

7104 Mablevale Cutt-Off

Little Rock, AR 72209

Service Time: 3pm


Sermon: Perfect Perfection


The God of Israel Sabbath Church

186 Glendale Rd.

Greenville, MS 38703


Friday Evening: Praise Service - 6pm

Sabbath Sermon: Mercy - 10am

Articles of The Month

People of The Living God

The Sabbath Recorder

Bible Advocate

Friendship Prayer


I got down on my knees today, 

And said a prayer for you,

For you are always in my heart, 

And I often think of you,

I asked the Lord to send his angels,

 To protect my dearest friend,

I prayed that all the joy and happiness, You have will never end,

I asked the Lord to comfort you, 

When you are feeling blue,

And when you have a tear, 

He’ll wipe away that too,

I asked the Lord to bless our friendship,

So our ways will never part, 

For true friends always stick together,

For we’re in each others hearts.

The Whole Man/Woman Series


A daily (6) Part reading designed to uild up the Body of Christ 

and increase your prayer life....

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