Our Schedule -September 2018

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Arkansas Sabbath Fellowship

21941 Interstate 30 S. Ste 10

Bryant, AR 72022

Service Time: 10am


Sermon: Divorce


Sermon: End of Law

*Fellowship Potluck Day


House of Bethesda

6900 Pecan Ave.

Little Rock, AR 72206

Service Time: 10am


Sermon: Xenia


God Cares, We Care

7104 Mablevale Cutt-Off

Little Rock, AR 72209

Service Time: 3pm


Sermon: Receive


God of Israel Sabbath Church

187 Glendale Rd.

Greenville, MS  38703

Service Time: 6pm


Praise Service


Service Time: 10am

Sermon: Mercy

Articles of The Month

Advocate of Truth

Bible Sabbath Association

Bible Advocate

DELIVER ME (Psalm 68-71)

By Pat Evans 

The door to my soul remains open, And flood waters are coming in; 

In the mire, there is no standing, Lord forgive me, for I have sinned. 

You know that I am foolish, And my sins are not hid from Thee; Draw near to my soul and redeem it, Through Your grace, Lord, deliver me.

Pull me out of the rising water, Cleanse what I do and think; Help me live as You have taught us, Without You, I'll continue to sink.

They will perish at Your presence, As wax melts before a fire; While You continue to bless the righteous,  Granting grace to whom You desire. 

Never let me be put to confusion, Confound those that lay wait for me; You are my Rock and my Foundation, Through Your grace, Lord, deliver me. 

You know my shame and dishonor, And my enemies are all before Thee; Blot them out of the book of the living, Through Your grace, Lord, deliver me.

Save me from the hand of the wicked, From the unrighteous and cruel man; Even when I'm old and greyheaded, I will survive by the strength of Your hand 

Hear me through Your loving kindness, Please protect me continually; You are my hope and my salvation, Through Your grace, Lord, deliver me.     

The Whole Man/Woman Series


A daily (6) Part reading designed to uild up the Body of Christ 

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